Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apothecary Jars

I absolutely love the look of apothecary jars you see in design magazines and shows? They just add that something special to decor in a room. BUT I don't know about you, one thing I don't love is the price tag unless I am lucky enough to score one at TJMAXX. So after seeing so many different ones in blog land and how easy they are to make, I thought I would give it a go. So I took a little trip to the dollar store and bought some vases and candlestick holders for a dollar each! I then popped into Michaels and bought the gorilla glue (I forgot my coupon so this would have been cheaper had I not forgot).

For this mini tutorial I used a Glass Cylinder Vases with Flared Rims 9” from Dollar Tree and a Glass Taper Candleholders 4”

(did you know if your dollar store does not have these in stock you can go online and order them and if you have them shipped to the store, you do not pay any postage).


The hardest part about project this was getting the stickers off the glass!!

Be careful to the follow the instructions for using the glue, you have to wet the underside of the vase slightly, put glue on the candlestick, place in position and once your happy with it weight it down with something heavy. Then go and do something else, leave it alone until it is dry. How easy was that? Please excuse the pics, I was excited to get this post up and didn’t realize that the sun was streaming through the window and washed the pics out.



I've filled this apothecary jar with mini candy canes, also from dollar tree, I love how they are individually wrapped so will stay nice and fresh. There are so many different ways of decorating these jars.

Here are just a few ideas: Thanksgiving – Cranberries, Easter – mini chocolate eggs, Summer – shells from the beach. I am sure if you search the web you will also find some great ideas, how about a terrarium? You can easily just change them around to match the seasons and your home d├ęcor.

The dollar tree has a few different sized vases that would be ideal for this project and here are just a few of the vases and candlesticks I bought today!!!! They look great displayed in different heights.


When I was searching for ideas as to what to put inside the jars I came across this post over at Crafty Butt, she also has a great tutorial for making the apothecary jars and I lover her idea of putting a St Jude candle inside which is narrow and tall enough to allow you to put things around the outside of the candle.

Dollar tree sells these candles they are known as St Jude candles, I went to 2 dollar trees in my local area and they did not have any, but I managed to find some down the Mexican aisle in a grocery store, failing that you can always order a case from dollar tree for $12 and have them delivered to the store for free. They fit perfectly inside the 9” vases.


I loved how Melody over at Crafty Butt, decorated her jar and his is my take on it.




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  1. Amazing. I so love the dollar tree-these would make such great neigbor gifts and they'd nver guess you only spent $2.

  2. I would never have thought of doing this. The possibilities are endless. I love how you can vary the height with different candle sticks... a fabulous idea!!!


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