Sunday, August 21, 2011

Singer Sewing Machine

In a recent post I blogged about the treadle singer sewing machine that I scored on craigslist for only $25. Well it looks like I have a small addiction to singer sewing machines and I just cannot help myself!

I was just browsing craigslist last night like you do!!!! and came across the singer sewing machine pictured below, with the following advert and pictures:

Beautiful Singer Sewing Machine With cabinet, button holer accessories, case of accessories, and stool with storage under seat which matches the cabinet.

so a quick email was sent and I went and looked at it this morning. The wiring on it looked completely dodge, even though they told me their Aunt who it belonged to said it worked. There is no way I would plug this into a electrical socket in my home. But it did come with its own stool and some accessories they told me! It was up for sale for $30 and with my newbie bargaining skills I managed to get this for $25. So with the help of the sellers I loaded it up into my car and she came home with me.

It was not until I unloaded her from car that I actually realised that I really did score one amazing bargain. The box of accessories they mentioned, which I never even took a look at in my excitement to buy her is unbelievable and are probably alone worth the $25 so I am as pleased as punch. In my next post I will share pics of some of the accessories that she came with.

I also managed to find some information online about where she came from and how old she is.

Factory Name: Elizabethport
Elizabeth, New Jersey

AE 343285
Register Letter AE- 325041 - 365040
Class (Model No.) 15
Quantitiy Alloted40000
Year Alloted December 29 1936

I found all the above info from the following website: sewing shop com so if your looking to date your own singer sewing machine check this website out and you should be able to date it. I also found another website ISMACS International - International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society where I found a wealth of information from sewing machine models to the cabinets, accessories, manuals and a whole host of other things useful to finding out more about a antique/vintage sewing machine.

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