Friday, February 25, 2011

Bathroom Remodel Part 1

Last weekend was a busy weekend! Saturday lunch time on the spur of the moment we decided to remodel our 1/2 bath. Ever since moving into this house the one thing that I really hated was the BROWN yes I said BROWN toilet and sink, and the horrible tiling on the vanity unit, that no matter what I did I could never get looking as clean as I would like.

I really do not like anything other that a white toilet in a bathroom. It has really been bugging me for ages and after a trip to home depot and Menard's we decided that we could tackle this project!

We bought a new vanity unit, new vanity top and new toilet. ALL IN WHITE and off back home we went.
As soon as we had unloaded our new purchases into the house we started our demolition. I decided that the old units would be OK painted up with a new top and that it would be nice to recycle them and use them in my craft room. So here are the before pictures, not too bad but, livable I guess but it definitely needed updating
See the horrible tiles, just imagine what the grout looks like. I like the big mirror, however, it has started to peel at the bottom where water gets splashed when the boys wash their hands, can you see just above the tap (faucet) yes we are fanatical hand washers in this house
See what I mean about the brown toilet? It is much, much worse in real life.

So this is a task that is doable!!! However, it was not made easy by the fact than we are English living in the US. You may ask yourself what is the girl going on about. Well the difference in American English and British Engli sh can sometimes be very confusing when it comes to buying tools and things for diy. I will explain more in my next post.
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