Monday, January 6, 2014

Single Wedding Star Mini Block

I managed to do a little bit of sewing at the weekend.
I made another infinity scarf. The fabric is a knit fabric so comes on the bolt much wider than quilting cottons so I actually had enough fabric to make two! I am a little addicted to infinity scarves at the moment thanks to my friend Cindy who showed me how to make them when  I went on my quilting retreat in November.  They are so easy to make and this scarf took about 20 minutes to make!

I made a teeny tiny Single Wedding Ring Block.   I could not believe how small it turned out!
See for yourself.  I plan to make three more blocks and make a mini to decorate the walls of my sewing room.

You can find the free pattern to make the block on Hopes blog When Inspiration Strikes. 

At the moment we are experiencing the coldest weather in Minnesota in over a decade.  It is –19F (-31C) so extremely cold but add the wind chill to that and according to Accuweather it a RealFeel of 41C.  I will not be going anywhere today and may try and sneak in a little bit of sewing!

So did you manage to sew at the weekend.  I would love to see what you made so leave a comment so I can check out your blog and see what you made.


  1. Your teeny tiny block is so cute! My friend Emily, mommysnaptime, loves to do tiny piecing, too! I'm home today from school with a cold weather day, and so far I've only sewn a couple seams… finding it hard to get motivated. I hope to finish up a couple pillow tops and maybe even get them put together, but we'll see :)

  2. Crikey! that is one tiny block Sam! Have never tried making an infinity scarf but I think I might give them a go this year. Still plodding away trying to finish up another BOM so that I can start something new :)

  3. First of all, I can't imagine how COLD it is there!! Stay warm, stay safe!

    Love the adorable mini block, and I want to try it, too! Adding to the list...

    Love your infinity scarf. I knitted one last year... I'm not a knitter, but it was easy and turned out great and I love wearing it. Somehow, I feel stylish when I wear a scarf!

  4. I have a thing for Infinity Scarves too, I made my last one from the remnant of a fleecy blanket used to back a Throw quilt. It is so soft and snugly and keeps me warm and toasty. I am sewing blocks for some quilts to donate, I found fabrics that I could not remember buying when i went through my stash. I have decided to buy no more until at least 4 quilts are finished.

  5. It's so cute Sam! I like the idea of mini quilts decorating the walls of your sewing room. I think Camille is setting a trend.
    I broke my elbow on Sunday (ice skating with the kids), I might not be sewing for a while ��.

  6. Yay! You made the mini block. So cute. I can't wait to see the mini quilt. Have fun, stay warm.


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