Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quilt Retreat


Well its no long now until I will be packing my bags and heading off to  Dubuque in Iowa to spend some much needed fun time with old friends and some new friends.  You can read all about it in this post.

I recently contacted a number of sponsors asking for them to donate prizes to some of the games we will be playing at quilt retreat.  Well like I said this blog post the response had been amazing.  Well since that blog posts many other sponsors have donated prizes and I am overwhelmed at the generosity of these sponsors. 


I was keeping all this a secret from the ladies at quilt group, but I couldn’t any longer as I wanted them to be just as excited about quilt retreat as I am so I sent them a little teaser email!


Hi Ladies,

For those of you who don't know I  moved to Minneapolis at the beginning of August. With house selling in La Crosse and house buying in Minneapolis and then the loss of our dog only last month, Its been a crazy, difficult year for me. So as you can imagine I am need of a break,  I am very excited to be attending quilt retreat with you all this year.   It will be lovely to catch up with friends, and also to meet some new ones.

Anyway, I have been extremely busy (and I don't mean unpacking), I have been doing a lot of plotting and planning since I moved away and have been in contact with some off my favourite  blogs and shops (we all love to shop, right!).

I explained all about our quilt group and how we do our little bit in the community with the Tiny Tim Christmas Tree.  I told them about our retreat and how much fun we have and how we all like to shop and buy fabric, patterns etc.

And the response has been absolutely amazing!  Many of the businesses and blogs that I contacted have agreed to sponsor prizes for some of the games we will play during our weekend!

I have received some fantastic prizes and I think you are all going to be pleasantly surprised. 

So just to wet your appetite a little, and give you an idea of what to expect, here are the sponsors who are donating  to our quilt retreat!”

Sew Sweetness

Bag (translation UK to US Purse) Sewing Patterns

A girl can never have enough Bags/Purses

You get to choose!!!

Your Choice of any pattern in the shop

(which will you choose!!!)

Donated Patterns for each of us

$200 Value

Here are just a few of the patterns from the shop.

Greenbacks Wallet Trio

Petrillo Bag

Locked and Loaded Bag

Aragon Bag

Here are the patterns donated from cluck cluck sew

I love all of them




Template for Pattern Covers

Template for Pattern Covers




Dottie Cover Smaller

Ziggy Baby Cover

Seville Cover small

$100+ Value

Hawthorne Threads Logo Image

Assorted Fat Quarter Bundles

Charm Packs

Something for Everyone


Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

$25 Gift Certificate

to spend on whatever you want

Terry Atkinson Designs

Winter Warm Up


Glitter Village

$40 in Prizes

$25 Gift Certificate

You get to shop!

Fat Quarters

My favourite Quilt Designer and Fabric Designer

Quilt Patterns

Image of Summer- pattern 163 PAPER pattern

Image of Dilly Dally- Pattern 152 PDF pattern

Image of On a Whim- pattern 148 PAPER pattern

Image of Lucky- Pattern 162 PAPER pattern

Image of Juggle- pattern 157 PAPER pattern

Image of A la mode- Pattern 131

Image of Surfside- pattern 161 PAPER pattern

$200+ Value

Sew Kind Of Wonderful

Quick Curve Rulers

Beautiful Modern Quilts with Curves, look online for videos on how to use this ruler!

Image of Quick Curve Ruler©

Quilt Patterns

Image of Urban Pods ~ Pattern #108 (Paper Pattern)

Image of Metro Hoops ~ Pattern #403 (Paper Pattern)

Image of Metro Rings ~ Pattern #402 (Paper Pattern)

$100+ Value



Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Fat Quarter Bundle

Sweet Tweets by Laurie Wisburn

$25+ Value

Emmaline Bags:  Sewing Patterns and Purse Supplies

Clutch Wallet Patterns


$60  Value

Fat Quarter Bundle of 12

'A is For...' from KT for Windham Fabrics

A is for... Fat Quarter Bundle of 12 from My KT for Windham Fabrics

$34 Value


Winners Choice of 3 Patterns from the shop

$30  Value

I still have one more little surprise up my sleeve but you will have to wait to find out about that one at quilt retreat! So I hope your all just as excited as I am, see you soon.


PS If you have any suggestions for games/competitions for winning some of these prizes then please let me know.”


So as you can see this years quilt retreat is going to be absolutely AMAZING.  All I need to do now is get myself sorted and decide what I am taking with me. 


Do you take too much when you go on quilt retreat?  I take far too much!  This year I am precutting my fabric for 2 quilts, that way I wont make any mistakes cutting, I get distracted easy! at quilt retreat and I need to concentrate when I am cutting fabric!


  1. WOW you have done well with all the stuff for the retreat you will have an amazing time and after all that has been happening you deserve it enjoy ...............are you going to be any where near Cindy Smith she lives in Wilton Iowa that would be great to see her too !!!!!

  2. Wow! I want to come! You did an amazing job rounding up all these prizes! Sorry about the loss of your sweet dog.

  3. Congratulations on rounding up so many great prizes all your hard work really paid off! Looks like your retreat will be a great success.


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