Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Mail

Wow did I receive happy mail or what!Another blogger, Linda over at Linda's crafty creations and I decided to swap some images, she sent me some the other day and I could not believe her generosity and then today I received some more in the post Just look at all these!!! can you believe how generous Linda is!!!!! I have never received so many swaps in all my life!!!!! there were so many that I couldn't get them all in the picture. Linda thank you so very much.

I also received an email today from Scrapbook com thanking me for posting a link to my Lollipop Flower Tutorial and if it would be OK for them to publish my tutorial in their articles section on scrapbook com, of course I said yes, in fact I was thrilled that they asked!!!! they asked me to send my details and that they would get a prize box in the mail to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that!!!!


  1. WOW, so many images!! Enjoy :0)

  2. WOOOOHOOOO...So glad you got them all.Have fun..
    Big hugs Linda

  3. What wonderful mail candy!! I too have been on the receiving end of Linda's incredibly generosity - she is amazing!!
    And congrats on your tutorial - that's FANTASTIC news - way to go!!!
    Hugs, Danielle

  4. WOWZERS!! That's a lot of images!! You're all set for quite some time. I have a little kleenex box that I started keeping mine's about half full. Happy Stamping!! (or should I say coloring since they're already stamped? heehee)


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