Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another layout for my Disney album, I am getting there slowly LOL.

When we were on holiday it was my birthday, so before we left I arranged to have breakfast with Pooh bear and friends. Much to my sons embarrassment!!!LOL they enjoyed it all the same and it was a fun day.

I am not too sure if I have finished this layout, I may add a title, any suggestions, anyway I thought I would upload it. Thanks for looking and for your comments.

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  1. I love this :), it is beautiful, love the butterflys.

  2. LOVE the way you did the photos on this one..well done :0)

  3. That is too funny you organized breakie with Pooh for your birthday. We are all kids at heart. I love the layout - the butterflies are gorgeous.

  4. Such a pretty LO! I am diggin' those 3D butterflies!


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