Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Have you seen what this little thing is doing to the side of our house!!! not only that, on a saturday morning when we are trying to have a few extra minutes in bed he insists on waking us up. Apart from squirting a hose pipe at him, does anyone have any ideas to stop him wrecking our house!!!!


  1. that's not good is it!!! I googled and came up with this website:
    which may be a good starting point. Otherwise I would call a pest control man.

  2. A few months ago, I thought someone was knocking on my door and when that wasn't the case, I thought perhaps our neighbours were hammering, when I realized there were two woodpeckers on the outside of the building, right on top of our window. This has been happening for months now and our downstairs neighbours thought we were constantly hammering until I explained. The birds have done considerable damage to the outside of the house and I told the rental office about it. According to them, woodpeckers find one spot and keep going back to it. Because they are protected in Colorado, he told me not to shoot it! WHAT?
    He said the exterminator would put some sort of electrical spider in that spot to deter the birds. But that was back in Spring and nothing has been done. I shoo the birds away by opening my curtains whenever I hear them, but obviously that does not help. I am glad it's not my house but we are moving soon and it can happen there, too.
    Love your candles, btw!

  3. Why do you want to get rid of him? I love woodpeckers, fantastic bird.
    Must admit I might think differently after several hours of tapping on my house though!
    Good luck - but please don't harm him ;-)


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