Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately!!!!! I will try to update more often, not that many people read this blog and really care if I update or not LOL

Well I have managed to do quite a bit of scrapping and even some altering. Since Friday I have done 3 layouts and altered something, all will be revealed as soon as I manage to take some pics.

We had more snow this week and I thought spring was on its way too!!!!!

Today we went to Rochester and had a curry!!! which was nice but not as good as what we were used to in the UK, the owner told us that over here they tend to play down the spices (flavouring and not hotness), as not many people like it that way and that he has had to modify the dishes differently compared to his restaurant he has in Wimbledon (London).

I recently just finished a fabulous book called Marley and Me, if you want to laugh and cry then this is the book for you and I highly reccomend it.

Anyway its midnight so I am off to do a little surfing and then its bed for me.

1 comment:

  1. I check daily and do care if you update your blog, LOL!

    As for my favourite British shows, I do need my Corie and Eastenders :)


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